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Reducing Stress to aid you in your weight loss

I’ve just been meditating and it occurred to me that I have not written about the impact of stress on our bodies and how this might be impacting on our weight. I’m feeling pretty chilled out from my own relaxation … Continue reading

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Emotional stress and binge eating, sometime you have to be kind to yourself!

This week I’m breaking from the string of blogs on limiting beliefs because something has happened for me personally this week. On Wednesday my lovely, lovely, father-in-law, Bob passed on unexpectedly. Although he was 82 years old he was doing … Continue reading

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Promoting well-being and stress hardiness

This week I am returning to the book “The Power of Resilience” written by Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein and in particular the second feature they associated with resilient people: Possessing strategies to develop “stress hardiness”. There are a wealth … Continue reading

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