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Looking after your health in the present moment

This month I finally got around to having a health MOT. I’d been meaning to for ages but had been putting it off because other things become more “pressing”. Mostly I had good news for instance clear of diabetes and … Continue reading

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Getting perspective, manage stress & make weight loss easier

As many of you will already know stress can block weight loss on a chemical level. By managing your well being you will be giving yourself the best chance of success. One of the most common ways we have of … Continue reading

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Challenging Limiting Beliefs using CBT

Last week I wrote about how we defend our limiting and unhelpful beliefs. This week let’s look at a way to start challenging these beliefs more directly. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is an approach that has some great exercises to … Continue reading

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Internal pictures create our external reality so see yourself positively!

Last week I gave you an exercise to do about creating a current positive image of yourself and a future self to aim for. As a result of this I received some comments about how for some people this exercise … Continue reading

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Time to get real, what do you need to do to be a healthy, happy weight?

There are two parts to the blog this week. First we will visit the practical side of things and then I will give you the next mindset exercise. So now for the reality check. Do you know what a healthy … Continue reading

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Dieting Mythology – The truth about changing our relationship with food

There are many large organisations that run programmes designed to help people lose weight. Tens of thousands of people join these organisations every year and successfully lose most or all of their excess weight. Here’s the news flash – losing … Continue reading

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