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Looking after your well-being

What are you doing to look after your well-being? As a coach I regularly work with people who are running around feeling stressed. They are often working long hours, neglecting their relationships, their health and their own well-being. When challenged … Continue reading

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Becoming Wise, the reward for getting older

This week I thought it would be good to consider the good things that come with getting older. The topic of wisdom is one that we explored as part of my Msc in Applied Positive Psychology. In modern society there … Continue reading

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How do you know if you are happy?

I know I started a blog about neuroscience and the brain a few weeks ago and yet I’m not feeling the joy writing it. Why is that I wondered? Here is the thing, right now in my life I am … Continue reading

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The Triune Brain, how our brain has evolved so far

Firstly I would like to thank all of the lovely people who sent me such wonderful messages about taking care of myself and getting well soon. It is heart warming to read them. A couple of you asked about using … Continue reading

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A Layperson’s guide to basic brain structure!

Following on from last week I thought it would be useful to start with a basic look at the “geography” of the brain and what is currently thought of as an overview of function. I include here an image I … Continue reading

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Why should Coaches and NLP Practitioners learn about the brain?

Before launching into detail I thought it would be useful to talk a little more about why it is useful for Coaches and NLP Practitioners to learn about the brain. This week we have students attending NLP Master Practitioner and … Continue reading

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What has neuro-science got to do with the coaching or NLP?

This week I am starting brand new blog. My intention is to share with you some of the current thinking about how neuro-science is beginning to provide links that support approaches in both coaching and NLP. Firstly let me be … Continue reading

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Using Mental Rehearsal to create your future

As promised here is a reminder about how to use mental rehearsal. So firstly a definition, mental rehearsal is the act of imagining yourself in a situation you normally find challenging and seeing yourself being successful. I wonder how many … Continue reading

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Day Dreaming without a safety net

Still with the focus on the future consider how you might live in the future in a positive way. Most people day dream. What kind of day dreams do you have? For some it is about winning the lottery, meeting … Continue reading

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Breaking habitual patterns of thinking

Last week I talked about how some of us have the habit of catastrophizing future experience and how I had noticed this pattern in myself. So what have I been doing about it? The first step in all personal development … Continue reading

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