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Reading past the headlines for a healthy life

This week I have decided to change direction for a while in my blog. I have been prompted by the continued misleading headlines in newspapers. Have you noticed how often we read things such as a particular food stuff being … Continue reading

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Releasing negative thoughts to make room for positive ones

  I wonder if you ever have the same experience as me around negative thinking. Sometimes something small can trigger me into thinking negatively. For example, Spam! There are a number of spam emails I receive regularly, some three or … Continue reading

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Take time to notice the flowers, be happy!

This week I was reminded that sometimes when life is happening to us our focus can become very narrow. We lose sight of beauty and comfort around us. Whatever issue is consuming us grows so large that we forget notice … Continue reading

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Are you appreciating and savouring what really matters?

This morning before sitting down to write this blog I took a few moments to sit with my two dogs, Buck and Remus. There were no distractions, just me and these two small living beings. As I stroked their coats … Continue reading

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What is being happy?

 The emotion of being happy is something we experience in the moment. Think about it for a moment. Emotion, and I mean all emotions are short lived bio-chemical reactions created by the focus of our thoughts in any moment. Consider … Continue reading

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When old patterns get in the way of happiness

Something interesting happened yesterday. I was engaged in a discussion in a social media forum. I had posed a question about NLP and someone had made a good attempt at answering it. Here’s what happened next…. I responded having scan … Continue reading

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How do you know if you are happy?

I know I started a blog about neuroscience and the brain a few weeks ago and yet I’m not feeling the joy writing it. Why is that I wondered? Here is the thing, right now in my life I am … Continue reading

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A Layperson’s guide to basic brain structure!

Following on from last week I thought it would be useful to start with a basic look at the “geography” of the brain and what is currently thought of as an overview of function. I include here an image I … Continue reading

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What has neuro-science got to do with the coaching or NLP?

This week I am starting brand new blog. My intention is to share with you some of the current thinking about how neuro-science is beginning to provide links that support approaches in both coaching and NLP. Firstly let me be … Continue reading

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Preparing for the future by visioning the outcome

There is an element used in all NLP techniques that also forms the basis of some complete processes. This element is called future pacing.  We can use this element to motivate us to achieve our goals, remind us of behaviours … Continue reading

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