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Preparing for the future by visioning the outcome

There is an element used in all NLP techniques that also forms the basis of some complete processes. This element is called future pacing.  We can use this element to motivate us to achieve our goals, remind us of behaviours … Continue reading

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Because I deserve it!! When negative self messages are disguised as positive ones.

I was reminded this week of one my personal self-sabotage strategies. There have been times in my life (many of them) when I have said the phrase “I deserve it” either to myself or to someone else just before engaging … Continue reading

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Self-Efficacy – Believing in yourself

This week I continue in my quest to define some of the common terms used in personal development and in relationship to self-esteem in particularly. This week my focus is on self-efficacy. Many people confuse this term with self-esteem so … Continue reading

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