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Listening to your body in the “now”

I was going to move on and start talking about thinking about our future selves however this week I have been finding some things out that I thought would be worth sharing. If you follow this blog regularly you will … Continue reading

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Being Present with life. Is it just about the good stuff?

I love the way things in our life seem to reflect what is most useful to us even when we don’t realise it. Yesterday evening I was feeling really unwell. As for many women of my age, my body is … Continue reading

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Being here, now. What does that really mean?

How many of you noticed that I missed writing my blog last week I wonder? Well I didn’t notice until Wednesday! Last week I was on holiday in Somerset and I got caught up in the experience. I got so … Continue reading

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Self-esteem and connecting with our own bodies

As promised this week I will be commenting on an article in Scientific American Mind that has relevance to the issue of low self-esteem. Before going into the details let me first make a few observations about self-esteem and body … Continue reading

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