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Listening to your body in the “now”

I was going to move on and start talking about thinking about our future selves however this week I have been finding some things out that I thought would be worth sharing. If you follow this blog regularly you will … Continue reading

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Developing a Meditation Habit, Remembering there is no goal!

This week I am continuing on from the ideas I shared with you last week. In a goal oriented world it is often challenging remembering that mediation is not about doing it right or getting to some “higher plain of … Continue reading

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Being here, now. What does that really mean?

How many of you noticed that I missed writing my blog last week I wonder? Well I didn’t notice until Wednesday! Last week I was on holiday in Somerset and I got caught up in the experience. I got so … Continue reading

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Reducing Stress to aid you in your weight loss

I’ve just been meditating and it occurred to me that I have not written about the impact of stress on our bodies and how this might be impacting on our weight. I’m feeling pretty chilled out from my own relaxation … Continue reading

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Well-being, Time to stop and smell the roses!

Today in the UK we are experiencing beautiful sunny weather, it is warm and everything is delightful. This follows many weeks of heavy rain and a feeling that summer would never come. It is amazing how the weather impacts on … Continue reading

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