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When old patterns get in the way of happiness

Something interesting happened yesterday. I was engaged in a discussion in a social media forum. I had posed a question about NLP and someone had made a good attempt at answering it. Here’s what happened next…. I responded having scan … Continue reading

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A Layperson’s guide to basic brain structure!

Following on from last week I thought it would be useful to start with a basic look at the “geography” of the brain and what is currently thought of as an overview of function. I include here an image I … Continue reading

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Why should Coaches and NLP Practitioners learn about the brain?

Before launching into detail I thought it would be useful to talk a little more about why it is useful for Coaches and NLP Practitioners to learn about the brain. This week we have students attending NLP Master Practitioner and … Continue reading

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Using Mental Rehearsal to create your future

As promised here is a reminder about how to use mental rehearsal. So firstly a definition, mental rehearsal is the act of imagining yourself in a situation you normally find challenging and seeing yourself being successful. I wonder how many … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air, time for a change

I’ve decided I’m ready for a change of topic now. I have decided to run a series over the next few months looking at Positive Psychology. I was part of the very first cohort to study Positive Psychology in Europe. … Continue reading

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Recognising Parallel Processes in Coaching

I know many of my readers are coaches and NLP Practitioners so this week I wanted to share some information about the concept of parallel processes. What is a parallel process? A parallel process is a dynamic in relationships that … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to an old identity and embracing the new slim line version of you

A couple of weeks ago one of my regular contributors Jo wrote a comment about her experience and some of the realisations she was having. Firstly, thank you Jo, it is great to get feedback from people such as yourself … Continue reading

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Challenging Limiting Beliefs using CBT

Last week I wrote about how we defend our limiting and unhelpful beliefs. This week let’s look at a way to start challenging these beliefs more directly. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is an approach that has some great exercises to … Continue reading

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Self Fulfilling Prophecy, how we defend limiting and unhelpful beliefs!

In the next couple of weeks I will be discussing how to challenge limiting and unhelpful beliefs. I will be introducing you to some ideas from both CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). First let us consider … Continue reading

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Everything and everyone is interconnected.

This week I want to bring in the idea of Silverthorn and Overdurf’s final NLP Pre-supposition. (References for this blog:  Humanistic NLPsych™ Copyright©1996, 1997 Neuro-Energetics) “Everything and everyone is interconnected.” “The material universe is a dynamic web of interrelated events. None     … Continue reading

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