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Looking after your well-being

What are you doing to look after your well-being? As a coach I regularly work with people who are running around feeling stressed. They are often working long hours, neglecting their relationships, their health and their own well-being. When challenged … Continue reading

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How well are you looking after yourself and your well-being?

This week I have been reminded of the importance of actively looking after your well-being in order to live a healthy, happy life. A number of people I have interacted with recently seem to be on a “treadmill” existence. They … Continue reading

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Stay happy by switching your focus

  Earlier this week I had one of those days. Do you ever get them? I was trying to do a number of different tasks on my computer that involved uploading pictures and changing web pages. Nothing seemed to go … Continue reading

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Managing your internal state when receiving feedback

Last week I began writing about the power of choosing your responses particularly in regard to receiving feedback. This week I will expand by discussing how we have the ability to manage our internal state and how this too is … Continue reading

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Choosing our response, the path to personal growth

Yesterday we completed our NLP Trainer’s Training.  Our students had studied hard and successfully passed three days of tough assessments including a written exam, two presentations and two demonstrations! They were and are all magnificent! Well done everyone. Reflecting on … Continue reading

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What does is Choice and how do you know you have it?

Last week I spoke about why choice is important as a means to stepping into your personal power. This week let us get clear about the definition of choice. Acting without choice means we are operating on an automatic pilot … Continue reading

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