NLP Training Courses

Free NLP 101 Workshops

We are excited to announce our NEW format for NLP Practitioner and it begins with a Free Workshop to get you started!

The first step is to enrol on one of our two day NLP 101 workshops. Each workshop consists of two parts, on day one you will get an opportunity to experience how NLP works for you and on the second day you will begin to build your NLP skills. And it is absolutely FREE!

This workshop counts as two of the four days needed for your NLP Diploma. You can take all four days together or come back to complete the Diploma at a later date. Here are the dates:

19th to 20th February 2015- Crowborough, East Sussex

23rd to 24th April 2015 – Crowborough, East Sussex

16th to 17th June 2015 – Crowborough, East Sussex

To find out more contact Melody direct, or look at our main website :

NLP Diploma

The GWiz NLP Diploma is a four day training course providing you with a thorough grounding in NLP for day to day application. The first two days are Free so you only need to pay for the second two days of the course.

Here are the dates for the Diploma part two:

18th to 19th  June 2015 – Crowborough, East Sussex

Practitioner Part 2

Our Practitioner is now in four modules. Module one is the four day Diploma and with a further three modules each of four days to complete your Practitioner Training

 NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
2015 dates coming soon

NLP Trainer’s Training Certificate with Master Trainer Julie Silverthorn

Julie Silverthorn teaching on our NLP Trainer's Training

Julie Silverthorn teaching on our NLP Trainer’s Training

For more information visit the PSINLP website – Click Here.
11th to 25th July 2015.

Contact Melody for more details

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