Releasing negative thoughts to make room for positive ones


IMG_4012_ silver lining cloud edited-1_edited-2I wonder if you ever have the same experience as me around negative thinking.

Sometimes something small can trigger me into thinking negatively. For example, Spam!

There are a number of spam emails I receive regularly, some three or four times a week. Each time I tagged them as spam expecting my computer to eventually get the message. And then to make matters worse emails I want get sent straight to spam for some mysterious reason. For example, one of my friends who is also a colleague now has to text me to tell me she has sent me an email!

Now I am sure there is a technical reason for this that some smart person could help me solve, however that is not the point.Be Brilliant today shine on in every way

What happens for me if I get irritated is that I start thinking negative thoughts and wind myself up. My brain or my unconscious or whatever you want to call it gets helpful at this point.

I am creating in myself negative states to use the NLP term or if we talk from a science perspective I am creating brain chemistry associated with feeling negative. So as a result I start escalating my thinking via association or anchoring. I begin thinking about more serious things that I have felt negative about in the past.

Often these are things that I have perhaps already dealt with emotionally and yet I can re-stimulate the feelings by how I talk to myself.

What is the answer?

IMG_4140_ swan edited-1_edited-1Fortunately there is more than one answer!

Here are two for you to consider. Firstly we can distract ourselves by doing something different, in NLP we would call this a pattern interrupt or a state break. For me this might be playing with the dogs.

Another alternative is to write down what is bother you. In a way that is what I’m doing now. There was some research published last year and reported on in New Scientist that when we write down negative things it is a way of dissociating ourselves from it. This allows us to let it go. The idea is to write it down without any need to revisit what you have written so you can throw it away. By throwing it away or putting it in the trash on your computer you are symbolically letting go of the issue.

Give it a try. The pictures today are intended to help you focus on the positive, I hope you like them.


About Melody @ GWizlearning

Melody spent fourteen years gathering experience of the business world working in banking, telecommunications and the public sector before co-founding The GWiz Learning Partnership in 1993. Melody has a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Psychotherapy. She is an NLP Master Trainer which allows her to run NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Training courses certified by the Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistc Psychology. She is also a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner and EI practitioner and added to all this is five years Transactional Analysis training, meaning she is able to help organisations access the hidden potential in their staff. She is also in demand for her work in transforming average or even troubled teams into high performers. Melody is a visiting lecturer at University of East London, teaching "Wellbeing and Positive Psychology" to undergraduates. Additionally, she is a member of the CIPD and is ILM accredited. Melody's interests are many and varied. She has a keen interest in personal development, canine and wolf psychology, conservation, movies and running. She also enjoys western horse riding, walking the GWiz dogs, nature watching and stage combat (particularly sword fighting).
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