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Stay happy by switching your focus

  Earlier this week I had one of those days. Do you ever get them? I was trying to do a number of different tasks on my computer that involved uploading pictures and changing web pages. Nothing seemed to go … Continue reading

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When old patterns get in the way of happiness

Something interesting happened yesterday. I was engaged in a discussion in a social media forum. I had posed a question about NLP and someone had made a good attempt at answering it. Here’s what happened next…. I responded having scan … Continue reading

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How do you know if you are happy?

I know I started a blog about neuroscience and the brain a few weeks ago and yet I’m not feeling the joy writing it. Why is that I wondered? Here is the thing, right now in my life I am … Continue reading

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Creativity and the brain, how to wake up!

This is my first full blog back since I had my operation before Christmas. I find it interesting how creativity and the brain are so connected to our general sense of well being. For me it has been a struggle to … Continue reading

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