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Counting your blessings, an old idea with modern meaning

As I begin to delve into Positive Psychology this week I’d like to start by exploring the value of “gratitude”. This concept has been written about within Positive Psychology and lots of great ideas have been gathered. Most of these … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air, time for a change

I’ve decided I’m ready for a change of topic now. I have decided to run a series over the next few months looking at Positive Psychology. I was part of the very first cohort to study Positive Psychology in Europe. … Continue reading

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Getting back in the driving seat of your life!

Last week I wrote about positive intentions and how these can keep us stuck if we do not find a new way to satisfy these important intentions. This week I want to build on what you need to do to … Continue reading

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How can we stay safe if we let go of our fear, hurt and anger?

Following on from last week.. From an NLP perspective whenever we help someone tackle a personal issue we look at how to preserve the original “positive intention”. For example when we talk about letting go of either fear, hurt or … Continue reading

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Why do we hang onto our hurts, fears and anger?

This week’s blog follows on from my thoughts about forgiveness last week. In NLP we use a term “positive intention”. This is the understanding that for every behaviour there is a positive intention that drives it. Sometimes this positive intention is … Continue reading

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