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Why is forgiveness often so challenging?

It is my birthday today and I found myself thinking “maybe I’ll skip the blog this week”. How interesting when I reflect that I wrote a brief holding blog last week because I was working. What is really going on? … Continue reading

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Doing what matters!

I’ve been busy running our NLP Diploma this weekend. Many of the delegates had major breakthroughs. For me this is amazing. This is why I do this kind of work. This is my life purpose. For this reason my blog … Continue reading

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Transforming poverty consciousness into abundance consciousness

Last week I wrote about changing external behaviours in relationship, this week I want to bring it back to the financial side of things. As with our ability to have relationship with people we also have a relationship with money. … Continue reading

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Changing on the outside by making external shifts

Last week I wrote about changing our values by changing our thinking. This week I want to expand on that theme. Whenever we make major internal shifts in our consciousness there are likely to changes that need to be made … Continue reading

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