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Being Assertive with people who are always right: a case study

  As promised I’m going to share a real example with you this week of a person who had a tendency to take a position and defend it. If you remember from last week my encounter with this gentleman, we’ll … Continue reading

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Assertively handling people who are always “right”!

A couple of weeks ago I promised we would start talking about how to handle particular challenging behaviours so let’s make a start this week. I wonder how many of you know someone who is “always right” even when they’re … Continue reading

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Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

Last week we began exploring the impact of being internally referenced in a given context using NLP Metaprograms. Reading back last weeks blog I realise I was not clear about the definition so here it is. You are internally referenced … Continue reading

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When only you know what is right!

So far we have considered how to handle being out of balance in one dimension only. We have looked at what happens when we place too much emphasis on the opinions and feedback of others. This week I’d like to … Continue reading

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Re-balancing our ability to self evaluate

Last week I began talking about how being overly externally referenced can lead to a risk of placing our self esteem into the hands of others. As I mentioned last week we will have developed this style of referencing for … Continue reading

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