Getting perspective, manage stress & make weight loss easier

As many of you will already know stress can block weight loss on a chemical level. By managing your well being you will be giving yourself the best chance of success.

One of the most common ways we have of boosting our stress levels is when we catastrophise. We take a small issue and make a mountain out of a mole hill which then leads to hopelessness.

In other words we talk ourselves into a negative place. For example, let us imagine you go out with friends for the evening and make unhealthy choices from the menu and eat extra portions!

When we catastrophise we tell our selves we have ruined everything and give up our healthy eating plan altogether.

We also create stress when we worry or over analyse situations that did not go as well as we had hoped.

So what do we need to do instead?

One of the most important steps you take is to get another perspective and often this is about looking bigger picture. In NLP we often call this chunking up.

We can chunk up in a number of ways, for example we can chunk up the time frame. We can ask ourselves how important will this be in ten years time? Sometimes something feels important in the moment.

Another example can be when we have sabotaged ourselves as mentioned above when out with friends. Here we need to ask ourselves how this fits with our overall plan. Maybe we need to eat a bit lighter for a couple of days or exercise more. In this way we re-balance the plan by looking at the big picture, we have merely eaten too much on one occasion. With that in mind there is no need to trash the whole plan!

You’ll remember from a previous blog I mentioned Byron Lewis’ book Sobriety Demystified. This book talks about how “falling off the wagon” is part of the healing process. This is true for weight loss as well. It is important we keep our slips in proportion (pun intended!). By reframing a misstep we can give ourselves a break and get back with the plan.

Where we over-analyse we need to take stock. Own that we do this and stop! Write down what happened in brief to externalise. Now note down what you have learnt as a result. Ask yourself is there an action I need to take? If there is create an action plan and do it. If not close your journal and go do something else instead.

We also sometimes misinterpret other people’s reactions and words. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves by asking the question “What else could this mean?” And then ask yourself the follow up question “What else?” Repeat this until you have at least six possibilities. This will demonstrate to you that you may well be mind reading another person. If you are going to mind read you might as well mind read something positive!

This week we are busy delivering our NLP 101 and NLP Diploma in Sussex starting on Thursday. These two workshops are for those of you who would like to start your NLP journey. The NLP 101 is free and a great way to find out if NLP is for you. There are still a few places left so if you would like to join us let me know.

For those of you qualified at NLP Practitioner and above join me in August for my 6 intensive day hypnotherapy training programme. The workshop will be run in our beautiful Sussex venue surrounded by the beauty of Ashdown Forest, the original 100 Acre Wood. AA Milne the author of Winnie the Pooh lived just down the road and you can even visit the bridge where Pooh sticks are played!

About Melody @ GWizlearning

Melody spent fourteen years gathering experience of the business world working in banking, telecommunications and the public sector before co-founding The GWiz Learning Partnership in 1993. Melody has a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Psychotherapy. She is an NLP Master Trainer which allows her to run NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Training courses certified by the Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistc Psychology. She is also a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner and EI practitioner and added to all this is five years Transactional Analysis training, meaning she is able to help organisations access the hidden potential in their staff. She is also in demand for her work in transforming average or even troubled teams into high performers. Melody is a visiting lecturer at University of East London, teaching "Wellbeing and Positive Psychology" to undergraduates. Additionally, she is a member of the CIPD and is ILM accredited. Melody's interests are many and varied. She has a keen interest in personal development, canine and wolf psychology, conservation, movies and running. She also enjoys western horse riding, walking the GWiz dogs, nature watching and stage combat (particularly sword fighting).
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