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How internal images shape our bodies, weight loss from the inside out

Today I would like to introduce a topic that I will write about more fully next week. I have two reasons for this, firstly today I am running the assessments on our NLP Master Practitioner training course and need to … Continue reading

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Because I deserve it!! When negative self messages are disguised as positive ones.

I was reminded this week of one my personal self-sabotage strategies. There have been times in my life (many of them) when I have said the phrase “I deserve it” either to myself or to someone else just before engaging … Continue reading

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Educate yourself! Find out what you need to know about nutrition!

Now I am not an expert on nutrition except that I have learnt what works for me. There is a lot of information out there and some of it is even contradictory. How much are you guessing about the food … Continue reading

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Using NLP to change limiting beliefs into empowering ones

Many of you have already listened to our free MP3 download which guides you through the NLP process “Changing Beliefs”. This week I am going to explain the steps to add to your knowledge and make it easier for you … Continue reading

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