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Reframing Limiting Beliefs into Empowering ones

Last week I explained how you can recognise Limiting Identity Beliefs that you have been holding about yourself for a long time. This week is all about re-framing your beliefs and getting ready to transform some of your identity beliefs … Continue reading

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How identity beliefs shape our bodies and minds

Now that you have completed last week’s exercises it is time to do some analysis. Look back at your writing or your pictures, if you did a visual exercise and begin making a note of the beliefs that are revealed. … Continue reading

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Using your story to identify limiting beliefs

I am in the middle of delivering a four day NLP Diploma with a lovely group of people and this morning I will be teaching them a technique to help them change limiting beliefs. I will be sharing this technique … Continue reading

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Internal pictures create our external reality so see yourself positively!

Last week I gave you an exercise to do about creating a current positive image of yourself and a future self to aim for. As a result of this I received some comments about how for some people this exercise … Continue reading

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