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Defining Emotional Intelligence

The term “emotional ntelligence” (EI) was first proposed as a construct by Mayer and Salovey 1990) although it was popularised by Daniel Goleman (1995). Many people are familiar with the idea of IQ and EI, (sometimes known as EQ) and is intended … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about emotional intelligence.  This topic has been popularised by the many books of Daniel Goleman bringing the term into every day use. This topic was an important component on my masters … Continue reading

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Tap Your Troubles Away – EFT Tapping and Self-Compassion

This week I am pleased to say I have a wonderful guest blogger, Annie Lin @annielinNY writing this weeks blog. She is an expert in EFT and offered to add  something about the connection with self-esteem. Her contact details are at the … Continue reading

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Creating Our Own Reality!

What if we change our inner self, will the external world change. If we all make a difference will the problems of the world cease to be? Will there be whole planet alignment. So if your personal world transforms as … Continue reading

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How behaviour manifests experience

This week’s blog continues to explore how the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, focusing this time on the behavioural aspect. It is worth noting before I continue, that beliefs do influence behaviour, therefore read the following … Continue reading

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